Trust Fall

Striking out on your own with your problems,

May seem like a good thing to do:

No need to bother nobody,

The pressure rests all upon you.

Succeed or fall down on your own,

No one gets praise or gets blame —

Except for the one in the mirror,

All alone, just repeating the same.

No need to put trust in another,

No push to expose that soft space.

No chance of bolstering friendship —

Just fear keeping you in your place?

Fear of opening up —

To pain…emotions are deep.

Embarrassment, ego…the depths,

Mining true colors…yet reap:

Value and love and connection —

Hard-to-get gems in this life.

A confidant carries some weight,

Which softens the stress and the strife.

What if the payoff was greater,

In finding a strong hand to trust?

To pull you in needed direction,

To help fix the problems you must?

What if you fell into arms,

Eager to guard that safe space?

Eager to see all the riches,

Of depth hid in one’s precious place?

What if you realized your needs

Another could meet with a smile?

By one who could well guard a secret,

By one who would walk you a mile?

What if changing the path you’ve worn well,

Gained you a bond which could grow?

The fall would be much less a spill,

Than a gift of the friend you would know.



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